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Our trip

We are a family that was born in Prosser, we work harvesting crops in the field, but like all of us we have our own dreams. One of them was to set up a decoration and food business for events, such as weddings and 15 years.

At the beginning we did not know how but we never got discouraged, we kept looking and on May 15, 2005 we were able to give our first event at a 15-year party, we rented a kitchen and we also offered buffet services, sometimes we had difficulties due to the prices that were available. they had to charge and the expenses incurred by the event.

But thank God, we were very blessed and our clients gave us their support and much encouragement, they always told us never to get discouraged and move on.

Thanks to the support of all of you and my family, we are still here.

On April 1, 2015 we inaugurated Ready & Out, which for my family is our second home and thanks to all our clients we are doing what we like, which is cooking, we give all our effort to be less every day and we continue to offer our service in weddings, 15 years and private parties. As we have done from the beginning, but with more professionalism that is the 16 years that the business has given us.

These last two years of 2020 and 2021 we have been hit by the pandemic, but even so, with those days of difficulties for all of us, we have proven to stay on our feet.

Today we can tell you that with determination and a lot of effort, dreams can be fulfilled.

Ready & Out thanks you for all your support

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